Flambeau’s Industrial & Packaging Group offers a nearly endless variety of unique options for customization. From in-mold decorating to engraving and hot-stamp labeling, we specialize in making our products fit your branding purposes. Improve the way you present your products with a variety of decorating options:

Available Injection Mold Colors

Available Blow Mold Colors

Available Hot Stamp Colors

In-Mold Decorating (injection or blow-molded products) We can robotically apply any graphic label directly into the plastic, resulting in a high-quality, crisp, clear graphic that will never peel, bubble, crack or fall off.   
Hot-Stamp Labeling (injection-molded products only)  Hot stamping is a common and economical way of customizing your product. While stamping is typically done in a single color, we can offer as many as three colors. See below for available hot-stamp colors. See Blue Diamond Program for more details.
Labels (injection or blow-molded products)  Although quickly being replaced by in-mold labeling, adhesive-backed labels can be added to most products in a post-mold secondary application. Should you choose this method over another method of decorating, we can offer a number of suggestions to help you in this process.
Custom Foam Interiors (injection or blow-molded products)  The professional look, moderate cost and flexibility of die-cut foam have made it a popular choice in numerous industries.
Custom Molded Interiors (injection or blow-molded products)  As an alternative to foam or thermoformed inserts, we can create custom interiors, or "cores," at our Technology Center for every product we manufacture. Our design and engineering staff will work with you to address your specific needs.
Engraving (injection or blow molded products)  We use lid and base inserts on our stock and proprietary products. This allows you the flexibility to insert a custom engraved company logo and/or design plate on one or both sides of your case.
Stock/Custom Blended Colors (custom colors must meet minimum order requirements)  For your convenience, Flambeau keeps a comprehensive selection of color resins "in-house" and ready for production.
Soft-Sides  Your products can now be stored, protected, or merchandised with unlimited canvas choices.
Handles, Latches, Accessories  A variety of handles and latches are available for our blow-molded cases.